Muscle knots and how to get rid of them

It happened again…the unrelenting rays of the morning sun kept poking me to “Wake up, sleepy head.” Ugh.  I slept like crap last night-tossing and turning like I was on board flimsy boat at sea.  As I laid my bare feet on the cool, wooden floor I felt a knife stabbing my in the neck. AAHH-what the hell!?!  The pain where my neck meets my shoulder was so intense that I instinctively reached back with my hand for support and comfort.

Call it a ‘crick,’ a ‘knot,’ a ‘pinch’ muscle pain is serious business.  So, what causes a muscle knot and how can you get rid of it?

According to, muscle pain can be caused by injury, fatigue, repetitive motion, medical conditions, or lack of activity.

What does a knot feel like?

You have to remember that most muscles should feel supple and pliable.  When a knot is present, it can feel like a lump or tight cable that you can strum across with your finger.

What should you do?

Obviously, popping a pain reliever is probably the most convenient way to reduce the pain.  Applying heat (via heat pack or warm shower) is probably the most pleasant, but short termed solution. Stretching will most likely irritate the knot further.  Direct, sustained pressure of 10-12 seconds at a time is probably your best, self care solution.  If you want to take it one step further, I recommend moving the head or arm (or wherever the knot is present) while holding direct pressure on the painful area.

Chair massage is probably one of the most convenient and effective ways to treat knots in the neck and back.  Sitting forward in a chair gives the therapist easy access to some of the most common knotted areas in the back.

Relax ‘N Go Massage can deliver expert, chair massage therapists right to your office.  In just 10 minutes, your tired, cranky employees will return to work feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

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Derek MacMahon


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