Can Chair Massage Ease Joint Pain?

Joint pain sufferers hoping to avoid medications and injections are finding chair massage to be an alternative therapy worth considering.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost a third of adults reported having some type of joint pain-more middle aged to older women than men.

Treatments typically range from lifestyle changes to over the counter medications to steroid injections to surgery.  In case you haven’t heard, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just reported that two people who received a steroid injection for pain in a joint — rather than the back — may have come down with a fungal infection.

Why chair massage?

  • Recognized as a safe, effective treatment for arthritic pain.  Research suggests that massage reduces perceived pain, swelling and inflammation.
  • Easily accesible, convenient, and affordable. You can find chair massage set up in the workplace, mall, and airport. Because sessions are typically 15 minutes, this makes it more affordable than a table massage
  • Perfect positioning for shoulder and finger joint pain.  While seated forward in the cushioned chair, the massage therapist can easily mobilize, massage, and gently stretch these affected areas.



Corporate Massage Gaining Popularity Amongst Philly Companies

Whether companies use it to support their wellness program or as a perk to boost employee morale, massage is finding it’s way into more Philadelphia office settings.

Earlier this month, the Philadelphia Business Journal published “Best Places To Work 2012.”  In the article, you can discover what types of benefits and perks top-rated Philadelphia area companies are offering their employees.

According to editor, Sonja Sherwood, “Valet dry cleaning service. Discounted movie tickets. Chair massages. On-site car wash. Game room. Company outings to ski resorts, beaches or to drive NASCAR stock cars” were just some of the unique perks companies made available to employees.

So, what companies reported ‘regular massage’ as one of their employee-prized perks?

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Employee Explains Why Massage Makes Her More Productive

Enhance your wellness program with massage

Have you been considering corporate chair massage for your office?  Staff writer, Kelly Metz-Matthews of Massage Table Outlet (, spells out why massage is important to her and some persuasive facts you can share with your boss.

Beyond the research that supports the healthy benefits of massage, such as reducing blood pressure, decreasing stress hormone levels, and increasing the body’s natural anti-depressant, serotonin, Ms. Matthews makes a case employers should consider when looking to reduce costs and increase productivity.

“Why Should Employers Care”

#1 Human Capital

“Happy employees are worth their weight in gold. Happy and skilled employees are priceless.” Boosting morale and recognizing hard work (especially during busier-than-normal quarters), fosters loyalty and dedication.

#2 Return On Investment

Did you know the the average ROI in wellness programs is $3.48:1 due to reduced medical costs, and $5.82:1 due to reduced absenteeism?

Is It Affordable?

As Kelly describes, “these [massage] programs don’t necessarily require huge upfront costs…Google employees have access to a subsidized (yes, subsidized) massage program.”

At other companies, employees are expected to pick up the tab. But, as she argues, “its accessibility to employees is monumentally important. By making it convenient…companies are facilitating wellness-oriented opportunities for their employees.”

Is corporate massage right for your company? Let’s discuss it.  Call us at (215)326-9352 or go to our website

4 Killer Massage Moves Even Weak People Can Do

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need bone-crushing strength to give a great massage.  Impress your friends and win small favors with these easy-to-follow massage techniques.

The Forearm Rest

1. Forerarm Rest

Stand behind your partner and rest the fleshy part of your forearms on top their shoulders.

Pro TIP: Begin on either side of the neck & slowly sink down. Lift your forearms, move outward 1 inch, then repeat.
Pro TIP #2: Try to be high enough above your partner so you can sink down onto the shoulders. Have them sit lower before you start standing on something higher.

Thumb On Thumb

2. Thumb On Thumb

Place one thumb on top of the other. Slowly massage the shoulder-starting on the outer edge, then working your way towards the neck.
Pro TIP: Experiment between massaging in a circular motion and a back and forth motion (ear to shoulder).  Let your massage-ee tell you which feels better.
Pro Tip #2: Still not enough pressure? Trying using your elbow. Avoid using the pointy part. Instead, use the broader surface just south of that. GO SLOW!

The Squeeeeze

3. The Squueeeeeeze

Gently squeeze the shoulders with both hands. 

Pro TIP: Try to lean into the squeeze.  By using the weight of your body to initiate the squeeze, you use less of your hand and forearm strength.
Pro TIP #2: Try these variations: slowly squeeze and hold (not too hard, Hercules!). With a light/medium grip, move the right side forward and the left side back.  Now, gently alternate-moving forward and backward.

The Neck Circles

4. The Neck Circles

Gently massage both sides of the neck in a circular motion.

Pro TIP: It may help to have your partner lean forward, rest their elbows on their knees, and support their head with their hands.  (Leaning forward on a table works, too) 
Pro TIP #2: Double your efforts by kneading with both hands-one on top of the other or side by side.

Don’t Know If You’re Stressed Out? Ask A Co-Worker

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Although you may think you have your stress under control, chances are, others around you see it differently.

In Tom Searcy’s “3 Signs That You Are Stressed Out (And How To Fix It),” he describes his mentor perfectly organizing her sock drawer when things begin to spin out of control. “When my sock drawer is perfectly folded, sorted and lined up, I know that I am out of control in my life.” Continue reading

Not a Fan of Massage? This Will Change Your Mind

Survey found 18% aren’t crazy about massage

Nearly 60% of respondents to a survey have never had a massage.  Of this group, 26% said massage was not necessary; 18% dislike massage or have no interest in it.

Ok, so not everyone is a fan of massage.  I get it.  The thought of getting naked in front of a total stranger and getting slathered with smelly oils may not be high on your must-do list.  Combine that with the sexually explicit massage parlors advertised on line and in print, you’ve pretty much made up your mind that massage is “not your thing.”

Before you rule it out completely, consider these points…

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