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Top 5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Chair Massage

If you’re new to chair massage, you may wonder “what can I do to get the most benefits out of this massage.” While chair massages may lack the privacy most are familiar with when getting a full body table massage, there are still ways to “tune out” the outside world and get “into the zone.”

The Cost Of Corporate Chair Massage In Philadelphia

Philadelphia skyline.

Philadelphia skyline. (Photo credit: Flodigrip’s world)

More and more companies are hiring professional massage therapists to come into their office to provide chair massages for their employees.

If you are the person in charge of coordinating the company’s annual health fair or employee appreciation event, and, you’ve never hired massage therapists before, you probably have no idea how much it will cost. Continue reading

What’s the #10 most common injury for golfing ‘hacks’…I mean, amateurs?

The most common causes of injuries in amateur golfers are:

  1. Too much play or practice
  2. Poor swing mechanics
  3. Hitting the ground
  4. Over-swinging
  5. Too little warming up
  6. Twisting during the swing
  7. Grip or swing change
  8. Falling
  9. Bending over the putt
  10. Cart-caused injury

—Source: John R. McCarroll, M.D., orthopedic surgeon and member of the American College of Sports Medicine. Continue reading

Golf + massage: The perfect combination

Golfing has to be one of the best sports out there.  It’s leisurely, it’s competitive, it’s social…what’s NOT to like.

According to, “It’s one of the most popular sports in the world. In fact, between 28 million and 35 million people participate in golf worldwide. The United States alone tallies 12.8 million over the age of 18 playing it at least eight times a year.”

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Can anxiety affect test scores?


anxiety (Photo credit: FlickrJunkie)

I really it did this time. I thought I was prepared for this test.  But, apparently, my 20-something late night booze runs with friends, proved differently. I was in a real-life panic, 20 minutes deep into one of the longest exams of my life-the New York State Massage License exam.  Broken down in 4 sections-45 minutes each-it’s a mental pressure cooker.  I froze.  I must’ve read the question 6 times.  It didn’t make sense.  Were they asking me about the origin of the muscle or did they want to know how I would treat it? Oh no! I know this stuff! Why can’t I do this!?!?

According to researchers, about a quarter of American students suffer from some form of test anxiety.  While low to moderate levels of anxiety may be somewhat beneficial, above normal anxiety levels has been proven to affect test scores. Continue reading